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From 21 October to 14 November of this year, there are restrictions on movement during the night hours, or strict households. This means that in the period from the  20.00 until 5.00 residents have an obligation to stay in in their household residence , including reducing direct contact with others! If the place of residence or the place of maintenance is to be left by for justifiable reasons, a self-certification must be completed.

Pašapliecinājums (LV)

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Self-certification (ENG)

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Подтверждение (RUS)

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The prohibition of movement if a person presents a completed attestation and a personal identification document (identity card or passport) shall not apply to persons:

  • travelling to or from a place of employment or service or carrying out work or service duties,
  • which requires psychological support, receipt of medical treatment services, including vaccination against Covid-19 infection, or veterinary medical care of animals, or attendance of a day-to-day pharmacy
  • which requires access to or from the place of delivery of passenger transport at the airport, port, railway station or terminal.

The declaration shall be completed by each person individually. The receipt must be completed before the premises are abandoned!


The self-certification can be completed in writing-free form (in printed format, both on the model of the form on the home page and on a white page, for example) or electronically on its own smart device.

A sample of the form of the self-certification shall be located on the home page of the State Police and shall also be placed on the home pages of other State institutions.


In the self-certification, the person shall specify:

  • first and last name
  • personal code
  • address of place of residence or place of residence
  • job name, address, contact details
  • reason and time for leaving the place of residence/place of employment
  • destination of movement
  • signature

If the reason for leaving the place of residence is the performance of the duties of employment, the statement must also include the name of the workplace and the contact telephone for the management (contact person) or the place of receipt of the service. .


The self-certification must be presented at the request of the State or local government police representative. . In addition, persons must have up to a personal identification document — passport or ID card.


Yes, the person who comes after the arrival must be accompanied by a completed self-certification, a personal identification document and a copy of the passenger's airplane ticket. . The same requirements shall also apply when a person is brought to the airport U.


It should be understood that these special precautionary restrictions have been introduced to reduce Covid-19 distribution opportunities! We call for an opportunity to take animals for a walk by 20.00, but if there is no such opportunity, the animal may be taken for a temporary walk in the vicinity of his residence after 20.00. It's a reminder that one person can take a dog out at a time, not the whole family. .


If such a need arises and the population is held accountable, the police will look at it with understanding.


A taxi service may be used by a person to go to or from work or return to his or her place of residence or to or from a medical treatment institution or veterinary medicine institution, as well as to reach the place of supply of passenger transport at the airport, port, railway station or terminal.


Only one passenger or members of one household or a passenger may be present in a taxi together with a child of minors or a person in need of assistant assistance or who has objective difficulties due to age or functional disabilities.


Each case is assessed on an individual basis, but the applicable penalty is severe, with a penalty of EUR 2000 for individuals and EUR 5000 for legal persons.