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Reporting crime

State Police of Latvia hotline – 110

  • Free of charge
  • Available 24/7
  • Running both mobile and fixed phone calls
  • Connect to any closest office
  • All conversations are recorded

The hotline is designed for those cases where you need immediate police assistance – if there is a serious threat to public order, a crime or a road accident.

If you are not in Latvia, call +371 67014002.


What and how to say when you call 110

  • Speak as quickly and clearly as possible - what has happened? Where it did happen? Who's calling?
  • Keep calm and answer additional questions from the police officer!
  • Remember everything as accurately as possible about the persons involved in the situation, the means of transport or the circumstances.
  • Don't stop the conversation before the police officer!

Also explain to children in which cases you have to call 110 and what needs to say!

Written application to the police

A written application with a request to initiate an investigation may be written

The application shall specify:

  • details of the event;
  • the manner in which your rights are infringed;
  • other information likely to be useful for the detection of a crime or offence;
  • your personal data and address, if possible, contact phone.

The State Police thank you in advance for the information you have provided!


Trusted phones and e-mail of the State Police departments

  • The single State Police trust phone for the provision of information on the offences and the persons who have committed them (this is the answering machine, so the information must be clearly defined - the place, the time that has happened and the persons involved. If immediate assistance is needed, use the VP hotline 110) - 67075444

  • Trust phone of the Internal Control Office of the State Police for the provision of information regarding the alleged illegal conduct of employees of the State Police - 67075456

  • National police information phone for road traffic - 67208108

  • State Police e-mail for the provision of information on the offences and persons who have committed them -