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The police are an armed militarized state or local government institution whose duty is to protect the lives, health, rights and freedoms, property, public and state interests of individuals from criminal and other illegal threats. (Law on the Police)

Main tasks of the national police

  • Ensure the safety of persons and of the public.
  • Prevent criminal offences and other criminal offences.
  • To detect criminal offences, to search for persons who committed criminal offences.
  • In accordance with the procedures provided for by law, to provide assistance to persons, institutions, undertakings and organisations in the protection of their rights and in the exercise of duties specified by law.
  • To comply with administrative and criminal penalties within the scope of their competence. (with amendments to the Law of 15.06.2000 entering into force from 19.07.2000)

Section 9 of the Law On the Police: “The duty of any police officer shall be in place throughout the territory of the Republic of Latvia regardless of his or her position, location and time, if a person with an application or a report regarding an event threatening the safety of persons and society, as well as determining such an event, applies to him or her, to take possible measures in order to prevent the violation of law, save people and assist them in identifying and detaining persons committed by the law, identifying eyewitnesses, guarding the place of the event, and communicating what has happened to the nearest police authority."

Model of the national police officer's certificate

Front of service certificate (averse)

Other party to the service certificate (reverse)