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In Latvia, an exceptional situation has been announced from 11 October of this year to 11 January of the following year in order to halt the rapid increase in morbidity. In contrast, from 21 October to 14 November, special rigorous security measures and homelessness are in force in Latvia. 20.00 to 5.00

At present, there is a postponed presence of public police officials in the population, citizens are invited to submit, within the limits of possibilities, complaints, complaints and other documents to the State police electronically or to use telephone communications, avoiding the attendance of a physical police presence. The exception is situations where a person has received an indication of being present at the national police.

A plan and resources have been prepared for the police in such a way as to ensure sufficient and appropriate monitoring of the restrictions adopted by Governments. The police will intensify control of the restrictions on the movement of people, as well as continue to control certain security requirements in the areas of public transport, trade and beauty, catering and provision of services, assembly and self ¬ isolation, as well as others. At the same time, national police resources and future work are planned to continue to ensure the fulfilment of their core responsibilities, each case being evaluated individually.

It is important to remember that if citizens need immediate police assistance, they see or have information on alleged violations of the law, including possible violations of the Government's epidemiological security requirements, call 110 rather than write in social networks. Its policemen will be able to respond more quickly to the information they receive!

The State Police also recalls that the population is now a police allies and calls on the population to be responsible for the observance and understanding of restrictions.

Restrictions on Self ¬ certification Questionnaire and Household Meetings

Legislation relating to Covid-19

Current Covid-19 prevalence containment measures: summary

Frequently asked questions relating to Covid-19:

The lockdown is a special restriction of movement - a requirement not to leave the place of residence during a given day of the day.

The purpose of the meeting is to reduce as far as possible the main way of prevalence of Covid-19 — on ¬ site contact. Each should carefully consider how to significantly reduce the presence of the presence, comply with hygiene requirements and existing safety measures, and restrictions. It is particularly important for everyone to initiate and complete vaccination against Covid-19.

In order to alleviate the prevalence of Covid-19 infection and the overload of the medical system, all residents of Latvia from 21 October to 14 November in the period from 20.00 to 5.00 will have to stay in their place of residence.

The places of trade and services will be allowed to work from at 6.00 to 19.00 so that employees can get from home to work and back.

At the time of the hearing, you can only move for urgent needs and fill in the attestation and take the passport or eID card with you (the form of attestation is available above)
  • Persons who travel to or from the place of employment or service and perform work or service duties.
  • Those requiring medical assistance, including veterinary medical assistance.
  • Providers and recipients of emergency services, as well as night ¬ time on ¬ site workers whose job specificity prevents work remotely.

At night, the working hours of service stations, the working hours of tourist accommodation, the provision of public transport services and emergency and emergency utilities are not restricted.


More about the limitations, controls and self ¬ certifications of the home page can be found in this section.

In the case of an electronic signature, an application approved by electronic signature may be sent by e ¬ mail: The submission can also be sent to (registration with Internet banking data). You can do this in this section 'submission to the institution'.

The submission must contain detailed information which might be useful for the detection of the crime or irregularity, as well as its personal data, address and contact telephone.

From 12 October 2020, the certification questionnaire can only be completed electronically. A 48 ¬ hour window is available for each entry, during which, before crossing the border of the Republic of Latvia, it is necessary to find the possibility to fill in and submit it electronically, for example by using publicly available Internet resources.

A certificate of you may also be filled in by a third party and a number of options may be used for the transfer of information:

  • Send the received QR code to you in E-mail.
  • If E-mail is not available, YOU can send THE QR code containing the text message to your mobile phone.
  • If IT is not possible to receive QR code, the supervising services may also name personal data and can be found in the system.

Must the attestation be completed for all and every time entering the Republic of Latvia?

Yes, the attestation must be completed every time for himself, children and persons under custody, except in cases specifically addressed by the Cabinet Rule 360.

Every 30 days, the attestations must be submitted:

1. For citizens and permanent residents of EU Member States crossing the land border of Latvia with other EU countries on a daily basis:

1.1. in relation to employment, if the border crossing is necessary for the performance of the basic duties of work or service and the person has a document certifying the fact of employment (including also drivers who perform international freight or passenger transport within THE internal borders OF THE EU, presenting a document certifying employment fact);

1.2. for the receipt of a child monitoring service or for the acquisition of formal education at the level of pre ¬ school education (upon presentation of a statement issued by the service provider or educational institution);

1.3. for the acquisition of formal education in the presence of basic education, secondary education and higher education, as well as vocational orientation in educational programmes in the fields of art and culture, it shall also apply to persons accompanying a minor educatee or adult educatee with special needs (by presenting a statement issued by an educational institution).

2. In Valka municipality and valga parish, declared residents who cross the land border of Latvia with Estonia on a daily basis. If a resident of Valka municipality or valga county returns from the State after which self ¬ isolation is necessary, the person must comply with the requirements laid down in Latvia.


What information should i indicate in if you do not need to stay in self ¬ isolation after entering?

If you do not need to stay in self ¬ isolation after entering Latvia, will need to provide the following information:

  • For a person:
    • name (names);
    • surname;
    • personal identity number (identification number);
    • date of birth, if no personal identity number (identification number) is assigned;
    • the countries in which the person has resided in the past 10 days;
  • For travel document:
    • issuing State of the travel document;
    • travel document number;
  • Regarding a person who has been vaccinated or injured, in respect of whom the conditions of self ¬ isolation are not applicable - proof of the certificate or document certifying the vaccination or reorganization

What information should i indicate in if you have to stay in self ¬ isolation after entering?

If you have to stay in self ¬ isolation after entering Latvia, will need to indicate both the above information regarding the person, travel document and certification regarding the certificate, as well as additional information regarding:

  • Regarding the entry of a person into Latvia:
    • date and time of entry;
    • type of entry (aircraft, vessel, bus, train or other);
  • For the stay of a person in a high or particularly high ¬ risk country (countries) over the past 10 days:
    • the State;
    • the date on which the person left the country;
  • Personal contact details:
    • telephone;
    • electronic mail address;
    • address of residence (place of residence) in Latvia where the person will be able to reach self ¬ isolation;
    • the date by which the self ¬ isolation of the person is monitored.

How can i know what information i need to provide will automatically determine the amount of messages you need based on the selected countries and offer the user to fill in the necessary messages in the form of the wizard as you have done so far.

How do i enter the address of the place of residence if i stay in Latvia in several locations, for example in the case of travel?

Enter First the address of the place of stay in the specified field, while the addresses of the other places of residence and the time in which you are staying, indicate in the “notes” field. If the addresses are not known, then the change of the self ¬ isolation address must be notified to the national police by writing to

What if i've lost QR code?

Use functionality to rereceive QR code by selecting “Refer QR code”.

Is your phone or E-mail available if you have uncertainties about filling out the questionnaire?

If you have uncertainties about completing the questionnaire, call +371 67219111 or write email:

If you have questions about other topics related to Covid-19, you can get information on the single Internet site at or by telephone 8345.

What if i do not find a field in the attestation to provide information on a special situation?

In the attestation, the free ¬ form field “notes” is available, in which you can type additional information about the special situation (for example, you are going to the funeral, be invited by THE LIAA, hospitality, athlete, diplomat, etc.)

If the questionnaire is not completed before crossing the border and no one has inspected it on the border, should it be completed afterwards?

Yes, fill in the attestation as soon as possible! An administrative liability with a fine of between 10 and 2000 euros is provided for non ¬ presentation of the attestation.

What should i do when i submit an attestation, i have indicated erroneous information?

Please fill in the attestation again!

Is THE QR code mandatory in the image (to be scanned) or the number of digits and letters received is sufficient? Can it be presented in a text message format?

If IT is not possible to receive QR code, the supervising services may also show a combination of the numbers and letters received BY THE QR code, or name their personal data. The responsible officials will find your attestation in the system.

Why is there a statement after completing the questionnaire that self ¬ isolation must be respected, although i have noted the questionnaire that it is a work trip?

The statement on self ¬ isolation states that self ¬ isolation covers the period during which job responsibilities and obligations are not met. Outside duty, persons must comply with self ¬ isolation - not to visit public places, wear facial mask, etc. Conditions laid down in Latvia.

What if the questionnaire was completed, but the journey was canceled?

No additional action is required.

How long are my personal data stored?

Personal data shall be deleted automatically after 30 days from the statements submitted.

What is a travel document?

The travel document is your passport or identity card, which is used for crossing the border of the Republic of Latvia.

What is the punishment for failure to fill in an electronic attestation before crossing the border of the Republic of Latvia?

The failure to fill in the attestation provides for administrative liability and a fine of up to EUR 2000.

What is the manager?

The Officer of the Indigenous Accounting Control Information System is the information centre of the Ministry of the Interior.

The State Police, in cooperation with the local government police, monitors the public places where people may gather, as well as, upon receiving information, the police respond accordingly and assess possible violations.

The national police call on the population to be responsible and to follow the precautionary measures imposed. Each case is evaluated individually. The objective of restrictive measures is primarily to prevent or disrupt the massive assembly of persons. If the restrictions are violated, a penalty may be imposed.
The Saeima has decided to support the Government's proposal and increase administrative punishment in cases of violation of the epidemiological safety requirements and restrictions or prohibitions imposed during the pandemic. For natural persons, the penalty may reach 2,000 euros, for legal persons – 5 000 euros. A penalty of up to 2,000 euro is applicable to persons for the provision of false information.

If there is information about the violation of Covid-19 claims, the police must be reported to the police by calling 110.

Violations in road traffic

During the emergency situation regarding violations in road traffic in the Riga region, restrictions on administrative violations cases have been imposed.


  • The presence of cases on the spot does not occur, which will not affect the amount of the penalty applicable.

  • For the possibility of decision ¬ making without presence, or for the possibility of taking part in the presence, the offender will be explained by drawing up the protocol.

  • If the offender wishes the case to be dealt with in his or her presence, it must be indicated on the spot by the inspector or the postponement of the examination of the case shall be requested by sending an application/request TO THE GSC Riga Region Administration.

  • Without any request for postponement of the proceedings, the decision will be taken without the presence of the offender.

  • The procedures for appeal of decisions shall not be altered.

  • Only cases of administrative violations in which the infringer vehicle has been removed will be dealt with in the presence.


The submission/request may be submitted electronically to (under “E-submission to the Authority”) or electronically with E-signature, sending to E-mail The submission shall indicate the personal data and the number of the administrative file (protocol).


In the case of issues with THE VP RRP Traffic Administrative Violations Bureau, contact:

Briefing phone 67829155; informative E-mail

Driving on alcoholic beverages or drugs 67829177

Road accidents 67829163; 67829191

Other administrative violations 67829198, 67829168

Search Division if the vehicle involved in the road traffic accident has left the accident site 67829234, 67829199


You must ask the inspector what your farther action is.


Important information for the owners of hunting and self ¬ defence weapons!

The State Police requests the owners OF weapons TO assess IN a RESPONSIBLE manner the necessity to obtain:

  • an authorisation for the acquisition of a first ¬ time weapon/acquisition of a weapon;

  • marketing authorisation;

  • a permit for the carriage of weapons.

In cases where, however, it is necessary to obtain those authorisations before going to the institutionfirst contact the responsible officials:

In Riga region – 67829131

In the Vidzeme region — 64801732

In Latgale region — 65403389

Kurzeme region — 63404546

In Zemgale region — 63004230

Or with your permission system inspector by phone number, which is indicated on your arms permit. And then take appropriate action on the instructions of the inspector.

Get answers to other frequently asked questions by calling the single Covid-19 reference phone 8345.


Actuarial of THE outbreak OF COVID-19 infection

Additional information - HERE

Public measures do not take place. Private measures may take place in a single household circle at its place of residence.

Pickets, pins and moves are not organized.

  • The local government and public transport service providers who receive grants from local governments shall not apply the fare relief.
  • For all travel time passengers and driver shall wear the facial mask correctly, preferably BY THE OFFP2 respirator.
  • The general safety rules shall be complied with, the means of transport shall be regularly ventilated.
  • The filling of the urban and suburban public vehicle shall be up to 50%:
  • if it is not possible to control the boarding and disembarkation of passengers in the vehicle, if seating positions are marked therein, ensuring observance of the requirements of distance separation, as well as the windows for ventilation shall be open for the entire journey time.
  • The filling of regional and interurban vehicles is up to 80% (85% if passengers are to be taken up outside the regional routes).