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We call on every citizen to follow the official information on the security measures and individual restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

It is important to remember that if citizens need immediate police assistance, they see or have information on possible infringements of law, including alleged breaches of the government's epidemiological security requirements, should call 110 instead of being written on social networks. . So the cops will be able to react more quickly to the information they have received!


Legislation relating to Covid-19

Measures currently in force to limit the distribution of Covid-19: summary

If there is an electronic signature, you can send an application approved by electronic signature by e-mail: It is also possible to submit an application electronically to the portal using an e-address.

The application shall contain detailed information which may be useful for the detection of a crime or offence, as well as his or her personal data, address and contact phone.


- a vaccination or sickness certificate or a negative Covid-19 test shall be required only if a person enters Latvia from a particularly high-risk country. Information on particularly high-risk countries shall be published in the SPCC.


- similarly, on entry into Latvia, no longer needs to complete the electronic certificate for arrivals in as from March 1.


- Before travelling abroad, learn about the epidemiological security requirements of the country.
- The recommendations for safe travel have been collected and published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Medical masks or FFP2 respirators should be used:
- in medical treatment institutions
- in social care facilities -
- in public transport.
Children under 7 years of age and individuals with obvious mobility and mental health disorders do not have to use masks or respirators in the places above.
Children under 18 can use fabric face masks in public transport.
Service providers and employers have the right to determine the need to use medical masks or FFP2 respirators when assessing risks.