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Large dimension freights and heavy loads, the provision of recreational vehicles

Process description

  1. Service requests
    Submit / send application in which the worker and the service life. Before the application submission the State Police, applicants should receive the State joint stock company “Latvian State Roads” large dimension freights and heavy loads, issued the authorization.
    Documents required:
    1. the application;
    2. The State joint stock company “Latvian State Roads” transport permit issued by a large dimension freights and heavy loads (electronic format).

  2. Receipt of services
    The State Police shall escort services after receipt of information on the prepayment invoice payment.
    If the State Police control unit cost of service resulting from adjustments finds that:
    1) Service costs exceed the amount specified in the prepayment invoice it shall, within three working days of the difference in the amount of invoices and send it to the payment service worker;
    2) Service costs are lower than the prepayment invoice amount specified in its three working days shall be transferred to the service’ s the difference referred to in the credit institution account indicated, notifying service worker.
    Your payment information:
    Beneficiary: national Police Reg. no. 90000099040
    Beneficiary BIC: TRELLV22
    Account No. LV67TREL2140091031000
    Paid services of police vehicles veids-Valsts over-size or over-weight pavadīšanā vehicles:
    1) per route km – 0,63 (price including VAT, the euro),
    2) per trawling hour – 22,31 (price including VAT, the euro).


0.63 EUR
22.31 EUR