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The detective activity shall be the services of individual merchants, partnerships and capital companies licensed in accordance with the procedures specified in the Law on Transductive Activities (hereinafter - detective company) and certified natural persons (hereinafter - detective) who, on the basis of a contract, are provided to a natural or legal person in order to protect the rights and legitimate interests thereof.
An individual merchant, partnership or capital company, in which the manager is a citizen of a European Union Member State or European Economic Area State or a non-citizen of Latvia, and to which the restrictions referred to in the Detec Law do not apply, is entitled to receive a licence and perform a detective activity.

Process description

  1. Service requests
    An application may be submitted in person, by post or by electronic means (by sending an e-mail signed with a secure electronic signature (eParaksta) to an institution or by using an e-address of the State Police.
    By requiring onsite services, to present a personal identification document (Passport or ID card).

    The application shall be accompanied by:
    1. an opinion of a psychiatrist and a narcologist regarding the state of health of a partnership, the head of a capital company or an individual merchant;
    Before submitting an application, the individual merchant, partnership or capital company shall pay the State fee specified for the issuance of the licence, see information regarding it in step 3 “Performance of payment”.

  2. Receipt of services
    The State Police Licensing Commission shall, upon receipt of the submission and the documents appended thereto, take a decision in accordance with the procedures specified in the Administrative Procedure Law regarding the issuance of a special permit (licence) or the refusal to issue a special permit (licence) and inform the merchant of the decision taken.
    A licence may be obtained in person in paper form or by sending an electronic document in the form of an electronic document to the electronic mail address or e-mail address indicated in the applicant's application.

  3. Make a payment
    State Fee Properties:
    Consignee: Treasury
    Reg. No 90000050138
    Recipient BIC: TRELLV22
    Account No. LV96TREL1060140921900
    Purpose: State fee for issuing a licence, name of legal person, registration number

    If the licence is issued in the form of an electronic document, the national fee shall be paid by applying the coefficient of 0,9. That coefficient shall not apply to the issue of a duplicate or a re-licence.


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