Norisinās telpu pārbūve Valsts policijas ēkās Stabu ielā 89 un Bruņinieku ielā 72B

In July 2023, the reconstruction of premises for the State Police at Stabu Street 89 and Bruņinieku Street 72B, in Riga, started within the framework of the project No. EEZ/VP/2020/1 “Support to the State Police for Acceleration and Quality Improvement of Investigation of Economic Crimes in Latvia”. The project is implemented by the State Police in cooperation with the State Agency for security and the Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior and is part of the programme “International Police Cooperation and Combating Crime” co-financed by the European Economic Area Financial Instrument.

The development of the construction project, adaptation of the premises and author’s supervision is planned for two buildings of the State Police – Stabu Street 89, where the State Police Economic Crime Combating Department is located, and Bruņinieku Street 72B, where the State Police Forensic Service Department is located. The construction projects are supervised by the general partnership “Lūsis V un MV Būveksperti”, the main contractor is SIA “SELVA BŪVE” and the construction supervisor is SIA “CMB”.

The redevelopment will create office space that meets the job and responsibility specifications, thus ensuring more optimal and efficient work communication. The laboratory infrastructure will also be improved and expanded, creating a secure laboratory office zoning and work area. The expanded and modernized office space will allow employees to work more efficiently, thus ensuring better and faster investigation and examination of economic crime. The renovated premises, which will be designed in compliance with safety rules and requirements, will increase work efficiency and improve the overall well-being of investigators, as adequate office space is one of the key factors for productive work.

Normunds Grūbis, Deputy Chief of the State Police, Head of the Central Administrative Department and project manager, emphasizes: “Our primary task is to improve the premises of the Economic Crime Combating Department and the Forensic Science Department, but improvements will also be made to specific premises, such as the shooting range and the forensic science laboratory. The working day of the State Police officers is related to solving complex crimes, so one of the most important objectives of this project is to improve not only the working environment of the officers, but also their well-being, and as a result, to contribute to a better performance of their daily duties.”


Construction is divided into five phases (in order of priority), with the possibility to opt out of individual phases depending on the financial resources available. The first phase consists of the redesign and refurbishment of the premises, which also includes the refurbishment of the electrical supply, including lighting, to ensure adequate working conditions, and the refurbishment of the low-current systems. This will be followed by the installation of ventilation and climate control, improvements to the heating system, refurbishment of some rooms and improved functionality. Finally, the roofing will be repaired and the rainwater drainage system renewed.


The overall objective of the project is to prevent and combat economic crime more effectively. Through this project, the State Police aims to achieve faster and better quality pre-trial investigations of economic crime, as well as faster and better quality referral of documents for

criminal prosecution. The expected results of the programme are improved fight against economic crime, prevention effectiveness and strengthened case investigation capacity. The total funding of the project is EUR 8 389 124, of which the EEA Programme funding is EUR 7 130 756 and the State budget allocation is EUR 1 258 368. The main activities of the project are the improvement of infrastructure and technical capacity (renovation of the premises of the State Police Economic Crime Combatting Department and the State Police Forensic Science Department) and the improvement of professional capacity and knowledge in the field of economic crime investigation and expertise through seminars, practical trainings, experience exchange visits and international conferences.


The reconstruction of the premises of the administrative buildings of the State Police at Stabu Street 89, in Riga, and Bruņinieku Street 72B, in Riga, is carried out within the framework of the European Economic area grant 2014-2021 programme “International Police Cooperation and Combating Crime” project No.EEZ/VP/2020/1 “Support to the State Police for increasing effectiveness and quality of economic crime investigation in Latvia”(more information:

Norisinās telpu pārbūve Valsts policijas ēkās Stabu ielā 89 un Bruņinieku ielā 72B