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On 7-8 October 2021, held an international symposium on “Aid to the State Police to accelerate and improve the quality of the investigation of economic crimes in Latvia”, which discussed scientific and practical aspects illegally investigating money laundering (NILL), paying particular attention to the autonomous fight against NILL, the spotlights and challenges of the field. . Experts offered a number of solutions to strengthen common practices and approaches in combating NILL between Latvian law enforcement authorities, the prosecutor's office and the U. Work with the co-operation authorities on the development of solutions will continue, including with international partners, since this type of crime is international, high complexity and dynamic.


Simposium consisted of around 100 participants from all over the Baltic, as well as experts from the United States, Israel, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. . Online broadcasting was provided remotely, with up to 100 Member States participating m. Representatives of law enforcement authorities, investigators, prosecutors and judges gathered at the symposium. .


Symposium was discovered by the Chief of State Police Armands Ruks, who stated: “Money laundering has a significant impact on our entire well-being and future prospects. . Our common job is to prevent anyone from enjoying illegally acquired benefits but to return them to legitimate specials m. We need to act proactively! This was an opportunity to share good experience, to look objectively at what can be perfected and, by common agreement, to form a strong and good legal basis!”


Inese Ratfeldere, Head of Division 1 of the Government's Office for the Prevention of Economic Crimes of the National Police, stressed: “In order for all of us together, investigators, prosecutors and judges, to show the public a well done job, we must sit down at one table and agree on a common understanding and practice. . That is why we were in a symposium these two days, working hard, participating in a hot discussion s. We are prepared to improve both the quality of the investigation and the results of the work, so we initiated this symposium to hear not only criticism but also offers. '


's Symposium programme consisted of both lectures and exchanges of experience and discussions. . Topics such as the impact of globalisation on NILL investigations, abuse of non-profit organisations, method of proof in autonomous NILL cases and other s. The symposium discussed topical sectoral issues such as international cooperation issues and strengthening internal cooperation between the authorities responsible for Latvia's NILL. . Latvia's practice in investigating Stand alone was welcomed. When presenting the 6-step plan, the practice was presented in 2017 by experts from the Netherlands s. Experts also highlighted Latvia's practice in the proceeds of criminally acquired property. . This means that, according to the arrangements of Chapter 59 of the KPL, the matter is resolved before the conviction.

the Symposium also highlighted the latest trends and challenges in the field of NILL in a global context, for example, experts from Netherlands presented the use of indirect methods of proof in the s case of autonomous NILL – a crime being investigated using indirect evidence. . It was possible for the participants to enter into negotiations on practical approaches to pre-trial investigations, prosecutions and trials. In particular, the achievements of Latvia and the experience and knowledge of foreign professionals were highlighted s. International cooperation platforms such as Europol and Eurojust were discussed in order to strengthen opportunities for international cooperation.

Symposium “Laundering of proceeds from crime: Current trends and Future Challenges” is organised by the State Police in cooperation with the US Embassy in Latvia. The Symposium takes place within the framework of the new generation solution project for prevention and combating of economic crime developed for professional development, 2021-2024, in . Full title of the project: Project No of the 2014-2021 programme “International police cooperation and the fight against crime” of the Financial Instrument for the European Economic Area . EEZ/VP/2020/1 “Support for the State Police to accelerate and improve the quality of economic crime investigations in Latvia”.