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narkotikas, amfetamīns

Ministers of the Criminal Police Administration of the State Police in relation to the circulation of narcotics this month in Riga, Purvciem, detained a man with a kilogram of amphetamine. Criminal proceedings have been initiated in the context of the proceedings and a suitable security measure for the person in custody.


Officers had obtained information about a man who had recently been jailed for selling drugs but had already returned to the criminal track and was allegedly trading drugs. In carrying out operational and criminal procedural activities, the officials of Chapter 3 of the Criminal Police Administration of the State Police in Riga, Purvis on February 11 shall keep the man born in 1984 mentioned on the street. A bag containing one kilogram of narcotics - amphetamine - was found at the time of arrest. It should be mentioned that the man tried to get rid of the drugs, trying unsuccessfully to distract the police from spilling them out.


Criminal proceedings have been initiated in relation to what has happened after Section 253.1, Paragraph three of the Criminal Law, regarding the unauthorised purchase, storage of narcotic substances for marketing purposes or the unauthorised disposal of narcotic substances, if it has been done to a large extent with narcotic substances. The Law on such crimes provides for the deprivation of liberty for a period of five to 15 years, confiscating property or without seizure of property.


On February 11, a court applied a security feature to a suspected man in custody.


(photograph: seized amphetamine).