Preses relīzes Zemgale
Translated by machine translator
Rokudzelžos ieslēgtas rokas

On 16 March this year, officials from the Criminal Police Office of the State Police's Zemgale Regional Bureau of Special Severe and Serial Combating Division charged the Prosecutor's Office of the West Land with criminal proceedings regarding armed robbery and theft in Jelgava, Jelgava and Ozolnieku municipalities for the initiation of criminal proceedings.

During the period from 2018 to January 2020, eight criminal offences were committed in Jelgava, Jelgava and Ozolnieku, theft and armed robbery, which were qualified in criminal proceedings in accordance with the third paragraph of Article 176 of the Criminal Law (for robbery if committed in large quantities), the second paragraph of Article 176. parts (for robbery, if committed to a group of persons), the third paragraph of Article 175 (for theft related to entry) and the first paragraph of Article 185 (for intentional damage to property). It should be noted that the looting was carried out in violent and cruel ways.

The extensive and complex investigation was carried out in cooperation with the Riga Region Board of the State Police. . In the framework of criminal proceedings, the status of the suspected person and the harshest means of security was applied to persons born in 1967 and 1982. s. Both have previously entered the police field in connection with criminal offences such as murder, robbery and drug trafficking.