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Individual person
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Public law legal person
Private law legal person
Receiving restrictions

National police task force battalion employee iesastīšana public events organised by a private person

Process description

  1. Service requests
    To submit a submission by the State Police organized a free form indicating the timing, location, contact telephone and a service is required (public policy, security or road traffic control) with the documents attached (appending a relevant self-government authorisation for a public event for).

  2. Receipt of services
    After the receipt of the relevant application of the State Police shall perform an assessment of measure, if the decision regarding the measure nodrošināšnu officer shall liaise with the applicant and shall draw up a contract regarding the provision, if the measure is not ensured in the case of the State Police shall prepare a written response to the applicant about the fact that the measure cannot be guaranteed.


24.58 EUR