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Involvement of dogs of the State Police Service in public events organised by a private individual

Process description

  1. Service requests
    Submit/send an application specifying the description, location of the public measure, time period, number of participants and visitors to the measure, dangerous equipment to be used in the measure and potential risks (disturbance of public peace and order, excessive use of alcohol, unauthorised use of narcotic substances, possible injuries during the course of the measure, non-compliance with road traffic rules, the driving of vehicles to roadblocks or pedestrians, fire risks, etc.), as well as indicate the resources of the State Police and the time period for the smooth operation of the measure. Prior to submitting an application to the State Police, the submitter shall receive a permit of the local government for the organisation of a public event, as well as a permit of the State stock company “Latvijas Valsts ceļi” for the organisation of the measure, if the development of the measure is planned on State roads. Copies of the referred to permits, as well as the scheme for the conduct of the measure, shall be attached to the submission, which shall be submitted to the State Police not later than 10 days prior to the taking of the public event. The State Police shall provide charging services at public events locations after entering into a contract regarding the provision of charge services and if information regarding the payment of the service prepayment invoice has been received three days before the provision of the service.

  2. Receipt of services
    Upon receipt of the submission, the State Police shall evaluate the resources at its disposal in order to ensure the fulfilment of the functions and tasks specified in regulatory enactments.
    Paragraph 3 of Cabinet Regulation No. 903 of 24 September 2013, “Price List of State Police Charge Services” determines the right of the State Police to provide the services referred to in these Regulations, including if the provision of the relevant service will not impede the performance of the functions and tasks of the State Police. If a decision regarding the provision of a fee service is taken, the responsible official shall contact the submitter and prepare a contract regarding the provision of payment services, but in case the contract is not entered into, the State Police shall inform in writing thereof.

  3. A service charge
    The service is paid in accordance with the contract concluded


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