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This week, October 7 and 8, the State Police, in cooperation with the United States Embassy in Latvia, organizes one of the most ambitious international activities of professional development for law enforcement, prosecutor's office and judicial officers to provide insight into good practices in the field of combating proceeds of crime and discuss joint investigation practices in the international field. at the level. As we know, this kind of crime is global, so the symposium will bring together law enforcement agents, investigators, prosecutors and witnesses from the Baltic, as well as experts from the United States, Israel, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. . It is expected that up to 100 participants will participate in the event, while at least 100 additional members will participate in the Zoom platform in remote mode. I.


Both the first and second day of the symposium will discuss scientific and practical aspects of the investigation into money laundering (NILL), with a special focus on the autonomous fight against NILL, the most pressing trends and challenges. . Emphasis will be given to foreign practices in the NILL Stand alone investigation, including the six-step method used by the Dutch law enforcement authorities, which is considered to be one of the best practices for investigating autonomous legalisation in the world.


the Symposium programme is designed in both days so that it contains both sections of lectures and exchanges of experience and discussions. . The discussions will discuss challenges in the fight against NILL in order to develop a common understanding and common investigation practice at international level. Such crimes are global and therefore it is particularly important to develop a common approach in the field of investigation in order to achieve the desired outcome of the investigation and the fight against such crimes. s. One of the most important tasks of the symposium is the aim of agreeing on strengthening common practice and approach in combating NILL between the Latvian law enforcement authorities, the prosecutor's office and the court in order to demonstrate a united strength and inadequacy in the elimination of this crime, in some way unique.


State Police Chief Armands Ruks stresses that “The era of digital technologies is creating new-scale money laundering schemes. . Law enforcement authorities g an international and international level will achieve faster progress if the investigation is organised with an internationally agreed approach U. It is not a simple task, and this type of crime has a highly dynamic character. . In the context of Latvia, it is important for us to develop a common understanding and targeted cooperation with both the Prosecutor's Office and the Courts in order to achieve higher results of the fight against NILL. s. That is why we will analyse best practices in the symposium and look at what needs to be done to develop productive cooperation and change. "


the Symposium is scheduled to take place both on-site, where up to 100 participants will participate and on-line broadcasting will be provided remotely. It is scheduled to also take part in 100 members. .


A more important aspect is bringing the best national and international experts to the discussion on combating money laundering in order to raise awareness of current trends and practical approaches to pre-trial investigations, prosecutions and adjudication, especially highlighting Latvia's achievements in this area and the experience and knowledge of foreign professionals.


As experts from NILL, representatives from the United States of America, the Netherlands, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Israel and Estonia will participate. . Sectoral ministers will also participate in the symposium: Maria Golubeva, Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Latvia, and , advisor Martins Laude, Office of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia.




The symposium is organised within the framework of the 2014-2021 programme of the European Economic Area Financial Instrument “International Police Cooperation and Combating Crime” project Nr.EE Z/VP/2020/1 “Support for State Police to Accelerate and Improve the Quality of Economic Crimes in Latvia”.