Preses relīzes Ukraina
Valsts policijas emblēma

The State Police, on its own initiative and assessing the available resources, will send to the Ukrainian structures - the Ukrainian National Police, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Task Force of the National Guard of Ukraine - 50 vehicles, two drones, three generators, one mobile power plant and 567 uniforms of old design, free of charge over the next few weeks. This will be the largest technical support the State Police has ever provided to war-affected Ukraine. Today, April 25, the Cabinet of Ministers supported the proposal.

The State Police, by reviewing the existing vehicle fleet, carrying out its renewal and assessing the requests for assistance received, will provide the largest technical support to date to the Ukrainian structures, which have been working for more than a year under unprecedented war conditions and are in great need of this kind of assistance.

The vehicles to be handed over are mostly “Opel”, “Hyndai”, “Volkswagen” and “Renault” cars, which are equipped with the equipment police officers use on a daily basis. They were produced between 2004 and 2016.

The Foundation “Entrepreneurs for Peace”, with which the State Police has made cooperation agreements, will this time provide great support for the transportation of materials and technical vehicles to Ukraine and their transfer to Ukrainian organizations.

The State Police has already sent several cars, a bus and a boat with a trailer to support the Ukrainian police and defense structures. Such assistance to the internal affairs services and soldiers of Ukraine is very important in the fight for their freedom, therefore the State Police will continue to provide support as needed and possible.