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Police uniforms

On Jan. 21, 2022 a public consultation will take place on the planned procurement of the State Police, “The purchase of new design uniforms and their components for State Police officials for a period of four years”. This consultation will be organised in cooperation with the Federation of Security and Defence Industries of Latvia (DAIF Latvija) to attract the widest possible range of potential suppliers at both national and international level.

Uniforms are the most visible part of the identity of the State Police – it unites the police, as well as the easy-to-see police make a preventive contribution to public safety. Our aim is to provide colleagues with high-quality, comfortable and functional uniforms. In view of the fact that the planned procurement is specific and very large, we want to attract the widest possible number of tenderers in order to reach the best results and get the best product. The police are open to dialogue and the search for successful solutions, with a view to concluding a very important contract for the procurement of uniforms to the State Police in 2022,» said Armands Ruks, Chief of the State Police.

According to Section 18, Paragraph two of the Public Procurement Law, prior to the commencement of the procurement, the commissioning party may organise a consultation with suppliers in order to prepare the procurement and inform suppliers of the procurement plan and requirements. Accordingly, State Police invites representatives of Latvian and international companies to participate in the meeting in order to discuss issues of planned procurement and to hear proposals from potential service providers for successful procurement.

International experience shows that open dialogue with self-nourishment and foreign producers is the best way to identify user requirements and to establish competitive partnerships for the provision of tactical clothing for users in the long term. Such cooperation with the State Police will strengthen the development of the Latvian industrial and technological base for the needs of the internal affairs sector,» says Elina Egle, Chairman of the Board of the Federation of Security and Defence Industries of Latvia.

Public consultation on the purchase of uniforms and components of the new design for officials of the State Police will take place on January 21, 2022 at 10.00 – 12.00 in Ciekurkalna linija 1, k-4, 3rd floor. Format of consultation – in epidemiologically secure conditions on site and on the Webex platform.

Base for discussion will be “The purchase of New Theme uniforms and their components for State Police Officials” (for a period of two years) (Procurement Identification No. Us VP 2021/32) Part 1 document.

Application for consultation by 18 January: HERE

Participation and online access information will only be available to registered members. Work language: Latvian and English.