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During a targeted work in the framework of a pre-initiated criminal proceeding, last week the law guards on the Daugavpils Highway in the Jekabpils neighborhood stopped a lorry which was hidden in a semi-trailer in about 1000 kilograms of hashish. Two persons are currently detained in the framework of the initiated criminal proceedings, including the Latvian nationals. The value of the substance seized on the illegal market could range from €4.5 million in wholesale sales to €15 million in retail sales. Information at the police's disposal shows that this cargo may have been destined for the Eastern European market.

Was launched earlier on 12 March 2021 in the framework of criminal proceedings on 12 March 2021 by law guards of the State Police's General Criminal Police Administration Organised Crime Control, in cooperation with employees of the State Revenue Service Tax and Customs Police Administration, on the road in Riga – Daugavpils Jekabpils, stopped a truck with a semi-trailer, with Lithuanian State employees.The driver of this truck – a man born in 1964, Lithuanian resident – was detained on suspicion of drug trafficking at the scene. The driver was alone in the car and there was no trouble holding. At the same time, the police carried out a planned operation in Riga, where another person suspected in this case was detained in his residence – a man born in 1972 who is a Latvian nationals.

When a search was carried out, ambushes were found in the cargo of artificial stone plates containing packages wrapped in black cellophane in the trailer of that truck. Expert-examination shows that there was a particularly dangerous narcotics - hashish. The total quantity of the substance removed from the ambush is approximately 1000 kilograms, but the exact quantity of the substance will be known after the expert-examination. Also, the shaking at the place of residence of the detained Latvian national has removed various items which could play a role in criminal proceedings.

Chief Sandis Radzins, Head of Division 2 of the General Criminal Police Office, says that this is the largest removed cargo of hashish by the State Police and the information at the disposal of the police has shown that it has been intended for a foreign market.

Over the last ten years, we have detained a number of hashish cargoes taken abroad in Latvia. It is no secret that the end market for such large goods is not Latvia. In particular, this cargo is likely to have been transported to the countries of Eastern Europe, notes S. Radzins.

It should be noted that the value of the forfeited hashish cargo on the “black” market could range from EUR 4 500 000 in the bulk market to EUR 15 000 in the retail market.

Criminal proceedings have been initiated in relation to what has happened following Section 253.1, Paragraph three, and Section 190.1, Paragraph three of the Criminal Law, regarding the possible unauthorised manufacture, storage, transport and sale of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances in an organised group, as well as the unauthorised movement of narcotic or psychotropic substances across the border of the Republic of Latvia in a large-scale, organised group. Such acts shall be punished by deprivation of liberty for a period of five to 15 years, by confiscating property or without seizure of property, and by supervision of probation for a period of up to three years.

The drugs currently seized are being tested and an active investigation is ongoing in criminal proceedings, explaining the role of detainees in crime and other circumstances.

Detention of persons detained shall be an appropriate means of security.