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Latvijas prezidentūras prioritātes Drukāt


The implementation of the Strategic guidelines in the area of freedom, security and justice adopted by the European Council in June 2014 as well as the respective follow-up initiatives will form the core of Latvian presidency priorities.

Reiterating the European Council’s statement the main focus lies on the effective implementation of the existing legislation, policy initiatives and intensified practical cooperation at operational level.

Latvia is prepared to work towards an effective response to the current security challenges in the EU, such as.

-         Terrorism remains a major threat to the internal security. In close cooperation with the Member States and EU Counter terrorism coordinator particular focus will be given to the phenomenon of the foreign fighters. Latvia will build up on the conclusions reached by the Italian presidency.

-         High on the incoming presidency’s agenda are issues related to migratory pressure in the EU taking into account the current global situation.  Latvia intends to continue the established comprehensive and structural approach established by the previous presidencies. While currently the focus remains largely on the Mediterranean region, Latvia will prioritise the situation at the Eastern borders. Processes there should be closely monitored and a rapid response by the EU should be ensured if needed.

-         The presidency will invest significant efforts in policy developments, particularly the updating the Internal Security Strategy by mid-2015 as laid down by the Strategic Guidelines –building on the work started by the European Commission and our Italian colleagues.

On the open legislative proposals:

-         Latvia aims at achieving an agreement on the revised Visa Code ;

-         We will continue negotiations of the students/ researchers directive;

-         Negotiations on the amendments in Dublin regulation concerning unaccompanied minors will be advanced;

-         Work on the Smart borders package will be continued to reach as much progress as possible.

-         A particular effort will be invested to advance the work on new legal basis both for Europol and CEPOL.

-         Establishment of the European PNR will be high on the agenda.

-         Latvian presidency aims at achieving significant progress in the area of new legislation on the control of new psychoactive substances.

The draft regulation on CEPOL will continue to be discussed in the Law Enforcement Working Party of the Council and it is hoped that a general approach can be reached during the Latvian Presidency.