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Four detained for assaulting a member of international military training in Venstpils 2014. gada 15. maijs

Yesterday evening, May 14th the State Police Kurzeme regional municipality employees arrested four young men on suspicion of assaulting participants of the international military training.

During the night of May 11th, employees of the State Police of the Kurzeme region received an information from a medical institution regarding a foreign national who was brought in with serious injuries.

The Police immediately launched an investigation and found out that during the night at one of the Ventspils rest venues a conflict arose between a number of local residents and two citizens of Netherland who were members of the international military training. Fallowing the conflict one of the foreigners was taken to the hospital with serious injuries while the other did not require medical assistance.

Criminal investigation was immediately launched and in couple of days the police identified alleged perpetrators who were detained yesterday late afternoon. The detained persons are born in 1991, 1992, 1994 and 1996.

Regarding the incident the criminal proceedings are initiated on two charges – for hooliganism if it is associated with bodily injuries to the victim committed in a group and for intentional infliction of serious bodily injury.

At the moment, the investigation continues and the police is gathering more detailed information on the conflict as well as whether another person was involved in this conflict.

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