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"A job well done!" following the reconstruction/renovation, 21 objects of the State Police have been put into operation 2016. gada 10. jūnijs

Within the framework of Activity 5 of project LV08/3 "Improvement of Standards in State Police Short-term Detention Centres" of Norwegian Financial Mechanism implemented by the State Police, reconstruction/renovation was performed in 21 objects of the State Police – 10 short-term detention centres and 11 premises of temporary keeping in the whole territory of Latvia.

On 31 May 2016, documentation was received from Saldus City Construction Board certifying that the last of the 21 objects, short-term detention centre of Kurzeme Region Department’s Saldus Police Station, may be put into operation. The rest of the State Police objects were commissioned by 12 May 2016.

The goal of reconstruction/renovation works was to create uniform standards for short-term detention centres and premises of temporary keeping in compliance with recommendations given by European Committee for Prevention of Torture (CPT) regarding conditions of keeping of detained persons. Development of technical designs and work objectives was supervised by experts of Council of Europe. After completion of reconstruction/renovation works, the experts of the Council of Europe repeatedly inspected renovated/reconstructed objects and provided the high assessment regarding results reached. 

By 31 August 2016, it is planned to finish equipping of the State Police short-term detention centres and premises of temporary keeping, as well as related work premises.



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